We train with 3 weapons,  a tanto (knife) , a Jo (walking stick) and a bokken (wooden sword). We can think that these weapons allow us to train with different distances, there are actually four weapons if we include open hand. Each weapon has its own individual character. We practice kata with sword against sword, sword against jo, jo against jo, tanto against sword and open hand against sword, infact all combinations of the four weapons.


It is said that all aikido techniques were developed from the two handed Japanese sword, our training is precise with this weapon, we do not try to chop our opponent but to use the blade delicately like surgery to attack the joints between the plates of body armour worn by the samurai, there would be no point striking the armoured plate itself. The real sword is incredibly sharp and can cut through bone if used correctly, naturally in practice we use a wooden sword to avoid injury. Being a two handed sword it's use is determined by the length of our arms, since both arms are the same length it is held with the arms in our region of greatest strength, the region our special senses are focused on in the front of our body, this area is known as Manaka in Japanese.


Is a a traditional Japanese walking stick which could be used as an offensive or defensive weapon. It is the longest of the weapons we use so the operator can be at a greater distance from his opponent. Being a long stick it is prone to breakage if it is only used for striking hard or if its leverage is used incorrectly.


This is one sided knife which can be concealed easily, it is still very popular as a concealed weapon but requires the user to be close to the opponent to be effective.




22 January 2015


Weapons, Boken, Jo, tanto

Osensei Quotes

If your opponent tries to pull you, let him pull. Don't pull against him; pull in unison with him.
Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei)

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